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Xavier Jablonski Inventor of Fibre Flare Bike Light at Eurobike Germany

About Us..

The Fibre Flare brand originated in Melbourne Australia, developed by a small team of designers and engineers led by Fibre Flare Inventor Xavier Jablonski. Both Engineer and Optics Designer, Xavier was once a competitive road cyclist in Australia.


After a life threatening accident training on his bicycle at night in Melbourne, he decided there must be a better way of being seen by motorists in more than one direction at both a distance and close range. Using his experience in developing side-emissive fibre-optics and consumer electronics, the rest is Fibre Flare history.

Fibre Flare was launched at Interbike 2008 (Las Vegas, USA). The timeless Fibre Flare design won the highly competitve Eurobike Award in 2009 (Germany) for is innovative and superior design which really put Fibre Flare on the map.. After picking up the Shimano Distributor Marui in Japan in 2010 (yes we're big in Japan) we had firmly established ourselves in the global cycling safety market.

So why is Fibre Flare so successful? Because it works! Just the way you'd expect it should..

Fibre Flare, Saving Lives Since 2008..

Fibre Flare Inventor Xavier Jablonski at Eurobike 2009..

Xavier Jablonski Inventor of Fibre Flare Bike Light at Eurobike Germany
Eurobike Award Logo


Being run and owned by a team of engineers, our mission is to continually improve Fibre Flare optics, hardware quality and optical light output to keep Fibre Flare state of the art in cycling safety.


Our latest Upgrade being

'Fibre Flare UP' NEW for 2023  


To keep you safe during your night time cycling commutes.. rain, hail, city or country..  always..

Fibre Flare Bike Light on Bike
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