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  • How do I mount Fibre Flare to my Bike Frame?
    1. Lift open the tip of the Integrated Utility Clip up with thumb 2. Slide the Silicone Ladder Sling onto the Utility Clip through the gap provided (With the 'frame saver' Flap pointing 'up') 3. While holding the Fibre Flare/Ladder Sling firmly in position on the bike frame with one hand.. follow below process with the other: a.) Stretch Ladder Strap Outwards away from bike frame b.) While still Stretched, Wrap the Ladder Strap around the frame c.) Hook the closest Ladder Strap rung to the plastic hook NOTE: - No need to Over Stretch too tight before hooking on.. the Ladder Slings are STRONG! - To have a clean finish once hooked on, any Excess ladder Sling can be tucked in neatly under Fibre Flare's Integrated Utility Clips
  • How do I charge my Fibre Flare?
    Easy! One end of your Fibre Flare has a USB icon on the bottom of it... 1. Gently Peel Open the Silicone Cap with the USB icon on it 2. Orient, then Insert Mini USB 3. Charge up on any USB outlet (RED Charge Indicator LED will turn 'ON') 4. When Fully Charged Charge Indicator LED will turn GREEN 5. Refit Silicone Cap and massage gently into position for a good seal NOTE: Approx 80mins from 0 to 100% Charge.
  • How do Turn my Fibre Flare 'ON' and Change Programs?
    Easy! One end of your Fibre Flare has a white 'Fibre Flare UP Logo' on it AND a Slightly Raised 'Power Icon'.. 1) Hold the Power Icon down for 2 seconds to Turn 'ON' Solid Program (Burn Time is approx 3 hrs continuous) 2) Press the Power Icon once to change to 'Slow Flash' Program (Burn Time is approx 5hrs continuous) 3) Press the Power Icon again to change to 'Fast Flash' Program (Burn Time approx 5hrs continuous) 4) Press the Power Icon again to change to 'Crazy Strobe' Program (Burn Time approx 6hrs continuous) 5) Press the Power Icon again to change to 'Smooth Fade' Program (Burn Time approx 5.5hrs continuous) 6) Hold the Power Icon down for 2 seconds anytime to Turn 'OFF'
  • How Water Proof is my Fibre Flare UP?
    Fibre Flare UP is Water Resistant IPF-55 This means it keep out Dirt and Water in most riding conditions, and in most all weather conditions.. but.. Fibre Flare UP is Water Resistant Only, NOT WATERPROOF and is NOT SUBMERSIBLE Please do not Submerse your Fibre Flare under water. If riding in very heavy wet weather for an extended period, after finishing your ride, open both caps at either end of your Fibre Flare and ensure it is dry inside, if any water is found present inside, be sure to shake it out and leave the caps open until dry inside. When your Fibre Flare is all dry and clean, reset the end caps and massage into position for a good seal.
  • How Far can I Bend my Fibre Flare UP?
    1) Fibre Flare can be Bent 'In Half' in one direction 'Side to Side' (see video Below) 2) Fibre Flare can be 'Bent Gently' to approx 45 Degrees In other directions until you feel resistance.
  • How Do I attach Fibre Flare to my Jeans, Jersey or Back Pack?
    Fibre Flare UP has integrated 'Utility Clips' at each end.. The Utility Clips have fine teeth underneath that bed into the surface of Fibre Flare's silicone outer skin.. These teeth 'bite/hook' onto fabrics of all kinds.. 1) Using your Thumb and Index Finger you can gently 'Flex' the Utility 'Open' before sliding it onto bag straps, or belt loops on jeans 2) While Holding the Utility Clip 'Open' Push the Utility Clip all the way on until well fastened 3) Be sure to fasten using BOTH Utility Clips at each end of your Fibre Flare to ensure a secure fixing NOTE: Use vertically to fix the Utility Clip to the top of your Jersey Pocket at one end, and the other end to the Bottom Hem of the Jersey great for Road Cyclists.. All kinds of Bags, Jeans or Jersey mounting provides excellent 'High Up' Visibility, higher than the bike itself.. and unlike other bike lights Fibre Flare can be seen no mater the angle of the dangle.. Important: If wearing on your clothing such as the belt loops on your jeans, be sure your shirt or other fabrics are tucked away so as not to obstruct your Fibre Flare from being seen by motorists and other around while cycling.
  • Shipping Times - From our Hong Kong Warehouse to You World Wide
    Shipping Times of course vary from country to country, and a Shipping Times are generally provided by our selected carriers/couriers as a 'Shipping Time Range' using the average service from the couriers we use your shipment should arrive within 7-14 Days NOTE: Tracking is provided for ALL Orders by email on order placement.
  • Shipping / Freight Costs
    Our Shipping Policy is simple.. FREE SHIPPING WORLD WIDE For more detail please see our Shipping Policy in the main MENU. NOTE: Tracking is provided for ALL Orders by email on order placement.
  • What Payment Method does the Fibre Flare use for Online Purchases?
    Fibre Flare uses the 'Wix Payments' system which is embedded into its website which is part of the Wix Platform. Its is a 100% secure Payment Portal used by tens of millions of online stores world wide. Wix Payments accepts credit card payments from over 190 countries worldwide including the United States, Canada, Europe & Australia. Fibre Flare follows PCI DSS requirements as a part of Wix Payments Conditions of Use in order to protect customer’s credit card data from fraud & data breaches. For more on PCI Compliance (see below) PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance All businesses that process credit card payments are required to be compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). PCI DSS compliance is a set of 12 requirements that businesses must follow in order to protect credit card data. These requirements include things like building and maintaining a secure network, ensuring that credit card data is not stored unnecessarily, and implementing strong access control measures. Why Is PCI Compliance Important? PCI compliance is important because it helps protect businesses and their customers from fraud and data breaches. By following the PCI DSS requirements, businesses can help ensure that their credit card data is safe from hackers and other malicious actors.
  • What if my parcel is over 10 Days late?
    If your parcel has not arrived within 10 days of the expected delivery date based on last tracking provided, we will deem it lost and resend to you a replacement order. All you need do is contact us, send us your original purchase email with tracking detail and we will take care of the rest.
  • How Do I Claim Warranty?
    Easy! Write us a short message to 1) Send us a short description on whats happened to your Fibre Flare 1) Send us a photo of your Fibre Flare 3) Provide some proof of original purchase or an order number you received when purchasing from this website We will assess and usually ship you a replacement item within 7 days. NOTE: Warranty Duration is 2 Years from Date of Purchase
Fibre Flare UP Bike Light On Bag
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